Sep 4

Dragoncon - Atlanta, GA

Yay! Dragons! Schedule TBA, but find out more at the Dragoncon website.

At Princess Alethea's Traveling Sideshow with Alethea Kontis, Leanna Renee Hieber, me, Diana Peterfreund, Mari Mancusi, and Gray Rinehart. Dragoncon 2013.

At Princess Alethea's Traveling Sideshow with Alethea Kontis, Leanna Renee Hieber, me, Diana Peterfreund, Mari Mancusi, and Gray Rinehart. Dragoncon 2013.

Nov 12

GenreCon - Queensland, Australia

I'm so excited to be a Special Guest at GenreCon! Not only will it be my first time in Australia, but I also get to teach some pretty exciting writing workshops. I have promised not to steal koalas. No promises on hugging them.

More information at the GenreCon website.

Apr 16

Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Yes, I'm still freaking out about my first Celebration! Here's where to find me:

Friday, 12:30 - 1:30pm - Star Wars University workshop

Always Shoot First: How to Start Your First Chapter With a Bang (or a pew pew pew)

Friday, 4:30 - 5:30pm - Lucasfilm Publishing panel

Friday, 5:45 - 6:50pm - Del Rey booth signing with Christie Golden

Saturday, 11:00am - 12:30pm - Del Rey booth signing with Christie Golden

Saturday, 1:30 - 2:30pm - Del Rey Books Behind the Scenes panel

Saturday, 5:00 - 6:00pm - Del Rey booth signing with Christie Golden

Sunday, 10:30 - 11:30am - Del Rey booth signing with Chuck Wendig and Christie Golden


More details to come at the SWCO site.

Apr 2

WonderCon - Anaheim, CA

I'm so excited! More details at the WonderCon site.

My sched:

Friday 12:30–1:30 How to Get Published and Write Canon, Room 213

Friday 2:00-3:00pm Discover Yours with BOOM! Studios. Room 211.

Friday 3:00-3:50pm Signing LADYCASTLE comic at the BOOM! Studios booth

Friday 4:15–5:00 Book Signing (Mysterious Galaxy booth in the Exhibitor Hall)

Friday 5:30-6:30pm Discover Why YA Is the Future of Comics. Room 208.


Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm. The Galactic Sandbox - Writing IP. Room 207

Saturday 12:15 - 1:00pm Book Signing (Mysterious Galaxy booth in the Exhibitor Hall)

Saturday 1:00-2:00pm Book Signing at the Badali Jewelry booth in the Exhibitor Hall

Saturday 2:30-3:30p.m. Weird & Wonderous Fiction. Room 208.

Saturday 3:45-4:30pm Book Signing (Mysterious Galaxy booth in the Exhibitor Hall)

Saturday 6:00-6:50pm Signing LADYCASTLE comic at the BOOM! Studios booth


Sunday 12:00-1:00pm Q&A with Chuck Wendig. Room 207.

Sunday 1:15-2:00pm Book Signing (Mysterious Galaxy booth in the Exhibitor Hall)

Sunday 2:00-2:50pm Signing LADYCASTLE comic at the BOOM! Studios booth


Jan 22

ConFusion - Detroit, MI

ConFusion is one of my very favorite cons. Here's where I'll be:

Friday, 9pm - Erotica: More Than Sex?

Saturday, 9am - Writers' Kaffeeklatsch (Con Suite) 

Saturday, 3pm - Romancing the YA Novel

Saturday, 4pm - Geeking Up Your Personal Style

Saturday, 5pm - Autograph session (Bring your own books. I'll have postcards.)

You can usually find me in the hotel bar in between panels. Say hi! I'm not scary!

More info at the ConFusion site.

Oct 23

Surrey International Writers Conference - Vancouver, BC

I'm so excited to be a Presenter at SIWC-- and to see Canada for the first time on my birthday!  Here's my schedule, and I'll also be at the various networking events, probably while eating gluten-free poutine.

Friday, 10am: First Chapters

Friday, 11:30am: Panel on Topics in SFF (with Mary Robinette Kowal, Cat Rambo, Daniel Jose Older, Robert J. Sawyer)

Saturday, 10:00am: How to Write Violence

More info at the SIWC website.

2:00 pm14:00

Conspiracy of Ravens launch at FoxTale Booke Shoppe - Woodstock, GA

Join me, the Fabulous Foxes, and my buddies James R. Tuck and Levi Black for donuts and great Fantasy books!

I'll be signing the first hardcovers of Conspiracy of Ravens (out October 11), as well as the Wake of Vultures paperback, Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon (in print for the first time in The Force Awakens paperback), and anything else you might need to catch up on. If you wanted to get a signed copy of Strike, now's a great chance!

5:30 pm17:30

Decatur Book Festival

So excited for my second DBF! Here's where to find me:

DARK FANTASIES with Victoria/V.E. Schwab and Sarah Beth Durst

5:30 - 6:15pm - Decatur Recreation Studio

Book signing to follow.

More details at the DBF website.

Apr 16

RT Book Convention Las Vegas!

Find me in Sin City! I'll be at the big Saturday Book Fair with copies of WAKE OF VULTURES, the brand-new-that-week STRIKE, and funky fresh paperbacks of HIT. 

Here's where to find me:

Friday, April 15 - 1:30-2:30pm Fantasy: The Kickass Fantasy Heroine

Traditional fantasy readers and writers sometimes criticize the female hero – especially the warrior women – as being a male hero with tits. Is this a fair criticism? What does a female character bring to the warrior role that is quintessentially feminine? (In the Conga room.) With Darynda Jones, Kate Elliott, Tamora Pierce, and CL Wilson.

Friday, April 15 - 7-9pm RT Awards Ceremony! 

Friday, April 15 - 9-9:30pm Award Winners Gala

We'll be drinking prosecco and taking pics in the Brasilia Foyer. Join us!

Saturday, April 16 - 11am-2pm Big Book Fair

Saturday, April 16 - 2-3pm Sugar Rush Teen Day Party

Saturday, April 16 - 5-4:45pm Humble Beginnings

Authors are blessed by the writing gods from the moment they pick up a pen or touch a keyboard...aren’t they? Decide for yourself as more than a dozen YA authors read excerpts from the poems, stories, and fan fiction they wrote as teens. (Tropical A)

Saturday, April 16 - 6-7:30pm Teen Day Party

Mar 27

AnomalyCon - Denver, CO!

I've long believed that Colorado was just a fairy tale... guess I finally get to see if it's real! I'll be at AnomalyCon 2016. More details to come at the Anomalycon site.

Mar 13

Dahlonega Literary Festival - Dahlonega, GA

I'm a Guest at the Dahlonega Literary Festival!

I first came to the DLF in 2012 as a spectator to meet author Deanna Raybourn, and I liked the town so much that I sold my house in Atlanta and moved here. If you're in the north Georgia area and want quality time with cool authors in a beautiful town with lots of great food and shopping, join us! Jaye Wells and Joshilyn Jackson will be here, too.

Schedule TBD.

More details to come at the DLF website.

2:00 pm14:00

Book signing with Charlaine Harris, Kevin Hearne, Rachel Caine, & Jaye Wells - Garland, TX

Want to meet some of the best writers I know? And, uh, also me? Come join us at Barnes and Noble at Firewheel Mall in Garland, TX, on Saturday, February 20 at 2 pm. We'll have a bookalicious afternoon with Jaye Wells, Delilah S. Dawson, Rachel Caine, Charlaine Harris, and Kevin Hearne. Talk! Questions! Books! Signatures! Boots!

Because always boots.

Jan 24

ConFusion 2016

Here's my schedule!

Friday 6:00:00 PM SFF Debates 2016!

Six of your favorite SFF personalities debate the issues of our time in this live debate, moderated by Robert Jackson Bennett.

Diana Rowland, John Scalzi, Wesley Chu, Delilah S. Dawson, Robert Jackson Bennett (M), Mark Oshiro, Brent Weeks

Saturday 9:00:00 AM Author RPG: Planet Mercenary!

Authors from across the genre spectrum come together to put Howard Tayler's new game, Planet Mercenary, to the test. Come watch these exceptional creatives put on a show and enjoy some laughs. Please remember to give the players their space.

Howard Tayler (M), Brian McClellan (M), Delilah S. Dawson, Cherie Priest, Mur Lafferty, Robert Jackson Bennett, Saladin Ahmed, Brent Weeks

Saturday 3:00:00 PM Gettin' Punny With It

Piers Anthony and Adam Roberts can't help themselves. And neither can these panelists. Come watch these punsters compete against one another for the title of ConFusion Punmaster, while discussing whether or not the pun can be used without irony.

Patrick Tomlinson (M), Cherie Priest, Delilah S. Dawson, Dave Robison, Sunil Patel

Saturday 4:00:00 PM Autograph Session 1

I'll have bookmarks, cards, temporary tattoos, and bookplates. Come see me!

Saturday 5:00:00 PM Vigilante Justice in Urban Fantasy

The Urban Fantasy genre is built, in many ways, around glorifying extra-judicial violence. In this way, they might have more in common with the Western than the modern crime novel. Given the huge challenges in the United States with gun violence and criminal justice, should we be more concerned about the narrative shape of these novels?

Diana Rowland, Michael R. Underwood (M), Delilah S. Dawson, Jeannie Szarama, Melissa F. Olson

Saturday 7:00:00 PM The Aftermath of Canon

Star Wars recently relegated all of its Expanded Universe fiction to non-canon, which was tantamount to betrayal for many fans. Aftermath, a novel in the new canon, was met with many reviews that could not come to grips with a Star Wars that included gay characters. How well did Disney handle their canon situation? And is there a place for fiction that services its readers' bias?

Delilah S. Dawson, Andrea Phillips, Eric Distad, Jeannie Szarama, Michael Lee

Sunday 12:00:00 PM What Comes After Grimdark?
In 2015 many novels were released to great critical acclaim that seemed to eschew the bleaker tones of modern genre fiction. Noami Novik's UPROOTED and Becky Chambers A LONG WAY TO A SMALL ANGRY PLANET are two examples. What might be motivating a shift away from grim tales and will the trend continue?
Delilah S. Dawson, Sam Sykes, Scott H. Andrews (M), Aimee Carter, Saladin Ahme

More info at the ConFusion website.

11:00 am11:00

SIBA Trade Show in Raleigh, NC!

My first appearance as LILA BOWEN happens at the Southern Independent Booksellers Association Discovery Show in Raleigh, NC! Here's where I'll be:

11:00 – 11:50 – Magical Writing - Salon B Room
Moderator:  Renee AhdiehThe Wrath and The Dawn 
A. G. HowardUntamed (Amulet Books)
Lauren GroffFates and Furies (Riverhead Books)
Sarah CreechSeason of the Dragonflies (Morrow)
Lila Bowen, Wake of Vultures (Orbit)

And I hear I'll be signing ARCs of WAKE OF VULTURES afterward. Squee!

4:00 pm16:00

SFWA Southeast Reading Series at Duke University

Duke University Libraries hosts the SFWA Southeast Reading Series for “Storytelling and Migration" with authors Gail Z. Martin, Alyssa Wong, Ursula Vernon, Delilah Dawson, and Monica Byrne, moderated by Jaym Gates, cosponsored by the Franklin Humanities Institute's Story Lab at the FHI Garage at Duke's Smith Warehouse.

Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University

Bays 4 & 5, Smith Warehouse, 114 S Buchanan Blvd., Durham SC

For info here:

Aug 2

Gen Con Writers Symposium - Indianopolis, IN

I'll be speaking in the Gen Con Writers Symposium, along with 80 (OMG, 80!) other authors. More info at the Gen Con website.

Here's where I'll be:

Thursday, 1:00PM - Writing Comics-- It's a Lot Like Marriage: Writers and Artists

Thursday, 2:00PM - Writing Comics-- Writing Women-Friendly Comics

Thursday, 3:00 - 5:00PM - True Dungeon run to benefit Geeks Doing Good with Pat Rothfuss, Sam Sykes, and Max Temkin! 

Thursday, 5:00PM - Craft: Researching Your Story

Thursday, 6:00 - 8:00PM - Storium Live Game Fundraiser

Friday, 2:00PM - Craft: Interactive Fiction (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Friday, 4:00PM - Life: Writers and Mental Health - You're Not Alone

Friday, 6:00PM - Craft: Publishing Cliff's Notes (Solo workshop)

Friday, 7:00PM - Craft: How to Write Sex Scenes (Solo workshop)

Saturday, 12:00PM - Book Signing in Exhibit Hall

Saturday, 6:00PM - Writing the Other

Saturday, 7:00PM - Craft: Erotic Interludes

Note: The schedule has me down for critiques on Sunday, but I will already be on a plane then. Sorry, Mario!

12:00 pm12:00

CANCELLED! GWA Workshop with FoxTale Book Shoppe


My first book launch party at FoxTale with Karen and Ellen, the Fabulous Foxes.

My first book launch party at FoxTale with Karen and Ellen, the Fabulous Foxes.

I'll be speaking to the Georgia Writers Association on marketing your book. Ellen Ward and Gary Parkes of my favorite local indie, FoxTale Book Shoppe, will talk about how best to approach and partner with bookstores for events and workshops. Workshop is free for GWA members.

More info here, at the GWA website!

May 3

Paradise Lost V

Paradise Lost is a writing retreat and workshop held each spring in Texas for members of the Codex writing group, graduates of the Viable Paradise, and Taos Toolbox workshops. Our goal is to provide ongoing development for writers at the neo-professional level by connecting them with working writers and editors in speculative fiction.

Held at the Drury Riverwalk Plaza in  San Antonio, TX

I'm on staff with my pals Chuck Wendig and Robert J. Bennett, and we'll pummel your words into shape like an armadillo on the side of the highway.

More information at the Paradise Lost site.

7:00 pm19:00

4-author Malaprop's signing - Asheville, NC

I'll be signing at Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe in North Carolina, and I'm so excited!

Local author Amy Reed will celebrate the release of her new novel, Invincible; Robin Constantine will celebrate her latest, The Secrets of Attraction; and Delilah S. Dawson will celebrate the publication of Hit! They will be joined by Asheville author and special guest Jaye Robin Brown, whose novel No Place to Fall came out in December. 

Of Invincible, Booklist says, “[Reed] builds a compelling first-person narrative and sensitively explores Evie’s efforts—and failures—to rebuild her life after a serious trauma.” Reed is also the author of Damaged, Over You, Crazy, Clean, and Beautiful. Constantine, who “has a knack for believable romantic scenes with enough heat to stay interesting” according to Kirkus Reviews, is also the author of The Promise of Amazing. Delilah Dawson is the author of several books in several genres, including the recent Servants of the Storm. Kirkus says Hit “will satisfy fans of thrillers and dystopias alike.” Booklist says Brown's No Place to Fall is "Lyrically written with a deep sense of place and music."

Join us for a panel, Q&A, book signing, and CUPCAKES!

Event website for further details and to RSVP here!

Check out our awesome host at the Malaprops site.

3:00 pm15:00

HIT Launch Party and Workshop at FoxTale Book Shoppe - Woodstock, GA

RSVP here so we'll know how much CAKE to buy!

Delilah S. Dawson, Author offers an absorbing, frightening glimpse at a reality just steps away from ours—a taut, suspenseful thriller that absolutely mesmerizes from start to finish. In order to save her mother, a teen is forced to become an indentured assassin in this sizzling dystopian thriller in which the USA is owned by a bank and no one reads the fine print.

Patsy is forced to take on a five-day mission to complete a hit list of ten names. Each name on Patsy’s list has only three choices: pay the debt on the spot, agree to work as a bounty hunter, or die. And Patsy has to kill them personally, or else her mom takes a bullet of her own. What is she to do, let her mother die?

The Workshop:

Worldbuilding is the key to enthralling your readers-- whether you're writing a sweet romance or a paranormal fantasy full of vampire dragons. How do you set the stage quickly and beautifully so that your characters will shine in a world all your own? Delilah is a novelist known for her worldbuilding, and she will walk you through putting just the right amount of starlight on the page.

Cost: $20 includes a signed hardcover first edition of HIT and the workshop.

You can also contact FoxTale if you'd like a signed, personalized book (HIT, or any of my published books!) but can't make the launch. They ship!

3:00 pm15:00

YA panel and signing - One More Page Books in Arlington, VA

Join us for an exciting discussion with a group of Young Adult fiction authors, including Danielle Ellison (FOLLOW ME THROUGH DARKNESS), Elle Cosimano (NEARLY GONE), Delilah Dawson (HIT), Alex Lidell (THE CADET OF TILDOR), and Lisa Maxwell (SWEET UNREST). Come listen to them talk about illegal gladiator games, mystical New Orleans plantations, and really evil credit card companies.

Address: 2200 North Westmoreland Street #101, Arlington, VA 22213

And here's the One More Page website!

6:30 pm18:30

Dark Designs book signing - Hooray for Books in Alexandria, VA

Join writers Delilah S. Dawson (Hit, Servants of the Storm), Martina Boone (Compulsion), Mary G. Thompson (Evil Fairies Love Hair), and Alex Lidell (The Cadet of Tildor) as they discuss the darkness tying together their books about teen assassins, ancient magic, evil fairies, and vicious intrigue! Cupcakes and swag will be served.

Hooray for Books - 1555 King St., Ste. 101, Alexandria, VA 22314

6:00 pm18:00

5 for YA + HIT signing - Fairfax, VA Barnes & Noble

 5 YA authors will answers your questions, sign books, and supply you with swag!

Authors include Delilah S. Dawson (launching HIT and signing SERVANTS OF THE STORM and the Blud series), Susan Adrian (Tunnel Vision), Kelly Fiore (Just Like the Movies and Taste Test), Lisa Maxwell (Sweet Unrest), and Michelle Ray (Falling for Hamlet, on which the E! show The Royals is based.)

You can even get a copy of HIT 3 days before the official launch-- plus my doodles and signature, if you're into that. 

For info and RSVP at the Event page!

Fairfax B&N website.

Jan 18

ConFusion 2015

I'll be at ConFusion 2015 at the Dearborn Doubletree Hotel in Detroit, MI! Panels:

Friday 9pm: Mary Sue and the Fake Geek Girls
Let's talk about our favorite female characters and female fans (and maybe a word or two about why fandom keeps trying to pretend they're not as awesome as we all know they are).

Friday 10pm: What Makes a Sex Scene Suck
What are the sex scene offenses that lead to epic eye-rolling, and how can they be overcome?

Saturday, 12pm: Characters we love to hate

What characters have you read or watched that you really don't like but still want to know more about them? (TeenFusion)

Saturday 1pm: #weneeddiversebooks
This group was formed to address the need for all types of diversity in children's literature. The hashtag has been used to highlight examples of diversity in books across many genres. Come discuss the ways that social media movements can be used to effect real change in literature, and hear about some recommendations for books highlighting diverse characters and settings. 

Saturday 2pm: MG/YA Books for Adults
YA Focused! Writers are almost always avid readers, and being in the business sometimes allows more insight into new and exciting authors, series, or just ideas that different people are playing with. If you’ve looked around and wondered what’s good that’s out now and in the near future, this panel may give you a new slew of books to track down.

Saturday 4pm: Mass Autograph Session

Saturday 5pm: Clothing Your Characters

They say ‘clothes make the man,’ but they also make his physical and social world. Help our panel of writers and costumers build and dress a fictional world, and learn how you can use costume details to enhance the depth and verisimilitude of your work.

Learn more at the ConFusion site.

10:30 am10:30

Tucson, AZ RWA Workshop

I'll be speaking on Writing Novellas and Planning a Fantastic Launch Party (While Keeping the Party Going Online). 

Further info TBA at the Tucson RWA site. If you're in the area, it appears that you can attend two meetings as a Guest without paying dues, although you must pay the meeting fee.


1:00 pm13:00

Signing with Kevin Hearne and Cherie Priest!

Join us at 1pm on Saturday, October 25 at FoxTale Book Shoppe in downtown Woodstock, GA for a signing with New York Times bestsellers (and two of my favorite people) Kevin Hearne and Cherie Priest.

Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles start with HOUNDED and follow druid Atticus and his loyal wolfhound Oberon through urban fantasy adventures. Find more here.





Cherie Priest is best known for her mega-hit BONESHAKER, but her next book MAPLECROFT blends the legend of Lizzie Borden with Cthulhu. I can't wait!