Adopt A HIT!

Do you have room in your heart for an adorable, plucky orphan?

Today in my local used bookstore, I heard a sad sort of whimpering. When I looked down, I saw it. This sweet preemie copy of HIT. Worn and forgotten among among the flashy hardcovers, rarely seen after the cover change to SEXY BLOODY CREDIT CARD, this original-cover ARC is very limited edition, in excellent condition, and desperately in need of someone to love it. Good with cats, is scared of dogs who like chewing, is definitely not for children.

If you think you could give it a great home, just leave a comment below. It can be a limerick, a haiku, a sob story-- anything. Originality counts. I'll pick one lucky winner and send this bouncing baby to you with swag, a signature, and an official adoption card.

For more info on HIT, buy links for the pedigreed hardcover, or to read the first chapter for free, go here:

Or here, if you're sassy:

HIT can't wait to meet you.

Winner will be chosen and announced here and on Twitter and my Facebook author page on 10/9.