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ConFusion 2015

I'll be at ConFusion 2015 at the Dearborn Doubletree Hotel in Detroit, MI! Panels:

Friday 9pm: Mary Sue and the Fake Geek Girls
Let's talk about our favorite female characters and female fans (and maybe a word or two about why fandom keeps trying to pretend they're not as awesome as we all know they are).

Friday 10pm: What Makes a Sex Scene Suck
What are the sex scene offenses that lead to epic eye-rolling, and how can they be overcome?

Saturday, 12pm: Characters we love to hate

What characters have you read or watched that you really don't like but still want to know more about them? (TeenFusion)

Saturday 1pm: #weneeddiversebooks
This group was formed to address the need for all types of diversity in children's literature. The hashtag has been used to highlight examples of diversity in books across many genres. Come discuss the ways that social media movements can be used to effect real change in literature, and hear about some recommendations for books highlighting diverse characters and settings. 

Saturday 2pm: MG/YA Books for Adults
YA Focused! Writers are almost always avid readers, and being in the business sometimes allows more insight into new and exciting authors, series, or just ideas that different people are playing with. If you’ve looked around and wondered what’s good that’s out now and in the near future, this panel may give you a new slew of books to track down.

Saturday 4pm: Mass Autograph Session

Saturday 5pm: Clothing Your Characters

They say ‘clothes make the man,’ but they also make his physical and social world. Help our panel of writers and costumers build and dress a fictional world, and learn how you can use costume details to enhance the depth and verisimilitude of your work.

Learn more at the ConFusion site.

Earlier Event: November 15
Tucson, AZ RWA Workshop